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Do you know where you will be financially in five or 10 years? How about 20 years? There’s an old saying; if you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there? Those words were never truer for families planning their financial future.

What’s important to you and your family? Is it leaving a legacy? Planning for a secure and happy retirement? Or accumulating a nest egg for the future? At Vertical Financial Group, we can help create a plan to guide you towards those goals. In fact, many clients call us their family CFO, integrating and coordinating all areas of their financial lives–including investments, insurance, and estate planning.

Solutions for all stages of life


We are fiduciaries and we work in your best interest. We are your financial coaches, here to provide clear goals to get you on the right track.


You will know how much we are getting paid in writing. Get a personalized financial plan that meets your needs now and into the future.


You have big ideas and you want to know that you are heading in the right direction. Investments are just part of a larger picture.

What are your goals?

Money doesn’t have to be complicated. Goals can be created to grow and change with your dreams.

  • Start a business
  • Buy a house
  • Send your kids to college
  • Take a vacation
  • Learn a new skill
  • Retire early

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